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Social and emotional learning (SEL) starts in the home in your child’s early years. Parents and families are the primary role models for thought, attitudes and behaviors. Newton Public Schools can aid parents by sharing what they are teaching in schools so you can practice in your home.

Research shows that the more often constructive emotion language is used at home, the more emotionally and socially competent the children become.  “Family life is our first school for emotional learning.  It’s through family that we learn how to feel about ourselves and how others will react to our feelings; how to think about these feelings and what choices we have in reacting.”  Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence.

Social-emotional learning in your home gives your child real-world opportunities to learn about their emotions and how to plan and problem-solve with others.  It strengthens relationships among family members and encourages regular and ongoing conversations between parent and child.  It can empower families to use life’s moments, both good and bad, as ways to help your child grow.

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