SEL4Newton is a citizen-driven initiative to reinforce the social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons taught in Newton Public Schools, develop emotional well-being in our children by practicing these acquired abilities within our homes and communities and develop strong cross-sector collaborations that will make Newton ‘A Social-Emotional Learning Community.’

Bringing social-emotional learning (SEL) into Newton homes and our communities
Actively engaging with Newton parents and youth-serving organizations by acting as a resource for social-emotional learning (SEL) skills
Collaborating and engaging within all sectors of Newton to make our city ‘A SEL Community’
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SEL Impact

Educators Value SEL

Teachers are calling for schools to prioritize integrating SEL learning practices and strategies.

Principals Value SEL

Principals say SEL is essential, but want more guidance, training and support to teach these skills effectively.

SEL Yields Returns

On average, for every $1 invested in SEL programming, there is a return of $11.